Scientist Explains What Will Happen If You Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil!



Scientists have discovered that aluminum foil can provide great healing qualities to our body. It has been revealed that by putting a piece of aluminum foil to a pain-spot on your body it would relieve you of that discomfort. It is believed that this is made possible because it has been observed that in all organisms there is an energy that flows in the biological active point and this energy goes back to the meridian – its source of origin.

It has been discovered that bio-streams move into our bodies through the biologically active point and then they are reflected back and out through the meridian. The resulting effect is that the organ with which the meridian is linked will be positively influenced.

A.S. Skvortsov a Russian scientist suggests that the aluminum foil produces special energy that aids the healing process when used. He further explained that every organism has stem cells that constantly interrelate with the earth’s energy field. For some unknown reasons this energy gets distorted and may also upset the energy stream to the organisms stem cells; thus the aluminum foil surface mirrors the earth’s energy field by amplifying it at several intervals.

Treating with aluminum foil

– On a sore part of your body place a piece of aluminum foil

– Secure this foil with a plaster or bandage

– This is a 10 to 12 day treatment so leave the foil on for this duration

– After the treatment duration take the foil off for about a fortnight, then repeat the procedure if need be

– Note, the aluminum foil can be placed on your feet, neck, arms, joints and back

– It is effective in the treatment of sciatica, rheumatoid, arthritis and even gout

– For foot pains, wrap your foot with an aluminum foil forming between 5 to 7 layers, after each layer place a piece of paper or cotton. Leave for about one hour, and then take off the foil. Give yourself a two hour break then apply the aluminum foil to the foot again following the procedure stated above. After another hour gone take off the foil and leave once again for two hours. You should repeat the procedure for a third time and the entire process should be done for a week.

You try out the healing properties of aluminum foil at home and see for yourself.

Source: Healthy Tips World