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Solarium – Source Of STDs



Although it is not yet summer but beginning of spring, women immediately want to be exposed and to show their body. However, for the impression to be complete they want to be tanned as well. Therefore, they go to solarium in order to get sexy tanned tone on their body.

However, if the possibility to get skin cancer did not dissuade you from going under artificial sun, perhaps this finding will make you say goodbye to solarium.

Dermatologist Dawn Marie Davis, from Mayo Clinic, says that bacteria and viruses can survive in the solarium, despite the heat.

– We all have skin bacteria that are transferred on our beds. Even though we heat them with our body, it is not enough to kill them. They become stronger and more resistant, said Davis. The dermatologist also claims that if you sweat, it only contributes to the ability of bacteria and viruses to proliferate. If you have cracked skin or scratch, which is not rare, it is likely that you get an infection.

She says staphylococcus, a bacteria that can cause skin infections, fecal bacteria, virus herpes and genital warts that lead to HPV, are able to withstand heat in the solarium and survive.

Those bacteria and viruses are transmitted to other persons through crack in the skin or little wound she is not even aware she has.

– Ultraviolet light can theoretically kill bacteria, but solarium does not have power to do so, warns Davis.