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Time For Natural Health Care

Water With Cucumber – Glass Full Of Health!


This beverage is very tasty and is a great choice for maintaining your health!

All you need is fresh water and a cucumber. Combine the two ingredients in order to get extremely beneficial and healthy drink.

One of the most important aspects of health is sufficient intake of fluids. But drinking water sometimes becomes annoying. We all want something that has taste.

Cucumber water is aromatic and healthy substitute for beverages which you would otherwise consume. Because of this, drinking this beverage can stimulate the process of losing unwanted weight.

Instead of drinking fruit juice or soft drink, drink water with cucumber, it is the most effective way to lose weight and reduce your intake of calories.

Water does not contain calories, and one cucumber contains less than 50 calories. So by drinking a glass of water with a few cucumber circles in it, you will enter a lot less calories than if you drink a can of soda (150 calories) or a glass of apple juice (113 calories).

This refreshing water helps in maintaining balanced appetite. Sometimes, when we are dehydrated, instead of thirst we feel hunger. After drinking cucumber water you will not only supplement the necessary liquids but you will also receive enough calories to alleviate hunger until the next meal.

Besides it will help you lose weight, this drink is also great for your skin because cucumber contains silica which helps in acne problems. Silica also helps to strengthen muscle and tissue.

Also, if you hangover, cucumber water can help you to easier refresh yourself. This is because cucumber’s water is full of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants, including vitamins A and D.

In addition, read how to prepare cucumber water:

Take a cucumber, peel it, slice it in circles and put the circles in water. Let the cucumber pieces soak in the water for several hours (or better, overnight).

If you want more intensive taste, you can add lemon, mint of strawberries.

You can drink this beverage in unlimited amounts, whenever you want! Cheers!