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Morgellons – Terrible Disease Caused By GMO And Chemtrails



Morgellon is a controversial condition that makes patients suffering from this disease to believe some parasites or something else moves through their body or out of their skin. Such disease is not generally known to the scientists and is often associated with some non-specific nerve, skin or psychological symptoms.

The term Morgellon was found by the American Mary Leitao in 2003 when she noticed rash and sores on the skin of her, then, two-year-old son, Drew. Initially she suspected it was an ordinary itching, but soon after she discovered that hairs started coming out of the rashes. Mary contacted some of the best dermatologists, but almost all concluded that the hairs could not be compared to anything in this world, and therefore stated that it is a peculiar disease for which no one knows the cause.

In search of information Mary was searing in various books. As she was searching, she found the term “morgelon” in Thomas Browne’s book from the 17th century. After realizing that there is a disease of the skin manifestations of her son, she decided to turn to the Foundation for Research on the disease, which revealed that thousands of people have the same symptoms.

All affected were complaining of skin damages accompanied by intense itching and a white, blue, green, red and black hairs coming out of the wounds. The affected claimed they occasionally had the feeling of bugs walking and parasites biting beneath their skin. Also, many complained of chronic fatigue, aching muscles and joints, and thus disturbance of cognitive functions. Some dermatologists believe these feelings are caused due to psychological disorder.

It is not a mysterious disease. If I survey 10,000 dermatologists, everyone would agree with me. I had hundreds of patients complained of symptoms of the disease and all have successfully responded to treatment that is usually used to treat schizophrenia, says Dr. Norman Levine, professor of dermatology at the University of Arizona in Tucson, who believes that it is a crazy parasitism not a morgellon disease.

Apart from the psychological manifestations, the disease is associated with lyme disease, or disease that can be transmitted by ticks and insects. In 2010 a survey revealed a potential link between the disease and the active thyroid gland, but the study is not finished completely.

While still not detected any source that causes these hairs in the body, the number of patients increases daily. At the beginning there were a few thousand, but today the number is in the millions. There is a case in Serbia and Zagreb. The patients undergo horror and are desperate to heal.

I am not myself. I suffer from an unknown illness for 5 months already and doctors do not know what is wrong with me. Earlier this year I began to feel overwhelming itching and as if something was moving through my body. It was scary. At the time there were no visible symptoms. After a while wounds appeared and increase daily. Doctors thought it was allergies, herpes, but they did not know the right answer. Then black and yellow strings or hairs began to appear out of the wounds. It is terrible, says the 50-year patient.

But many sources and independent laboratories have warned that it is all due to nanotechnology that was implemented in humans by GMO food and chemtrails, or traces of planes that keep in the sky much longer after the plane has passed. At the beginning the number of patients was several thousand, and now the figure grew to million. This exact same situation occurred last year in France, where residents noticed mysterious hairs resembling strings. After being analyzed, it was found that the hairs are alien, mysterious, but evoke dread in people.

Some people believe that in the recognition of the White House in 2011, was stated that there is indeed a world-secret program for manipulating the atmosphere by aircraft lays the answer to the question of where they come from. It is believed that once the chemicals fall to the ground they turn into spider net and cause the morgellon disease.

In order for speculation to be avoided, scientists from the Centre for Disease Control in America decided to begin an epidemiological investigation of disease. Let us hope that this investigation will answer all questions about this mysterious disease.