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Time For Natural Health Care

Threatening To Health – She Ended Up In Hospital Due To Tight Jeans


Australian doctors recently warn that wearing tight jeans longer term may endanger your health, because they were faced with the following case:

A woman, who temporarily had lost feeling in her legs after several hours kneeling in tight jeans, looked for help in their hospital.

A 35-year-old woman was hospitalized immediately after fainted because she spent many hours in tight jeans, helping relatives who were moving and therefore often kneeled while packing stuff.

This woman wore “skinny” jeans and complained that as time passed they grew narrower and more and more uncomfortable.

Later that same evening, she did not feel her feet and was unable to move her legs and fell. Because she could not stand up, she spent a few hours lying on the floor before she was found and taken to hospital.

Doctors had to cut the jeans open in order to take them off of her because the woman’s legs were very swollen.

She could not move the ankles and toes and lost feeling in the lower legs and feet. She was able to move normal after 4 hours.

Doctors from the same hospital explained that such jeans combined with bending and squatting led to interruption of blood flow in the muscles. At the same time, nerves in the lower legs were damaged by long-term pressure, thus lost control of movements and felt numbness.

Also, doctors add that perhaps the problem occurred because her jeans did not have elastane. If this woman was wearing jeans with elastane, her nerves and muscles were not going to be under that much pressure.

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