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Time For Natural Health Care

Treat Clavus, Hard Deposits, Cracks And Rough Feet Skin With This Recipe!


During warm months of the year, cracked feet skin is common occurrence. The reason lies in the footwear we chose. Wrong footwear can cause drying and blacking of the the soles, and as a consequential result of that clavus and hard deposits on the feet appear.

Now we will present very efficient recipe against heel pain.

In case you have cracks, clavus, rough feet skin and hard feet deposits, this recipe is the right solution for you.

Ingredients needed:

– 10 aspirin pills (300mg)

– 250 ml of alcohol

Method of preparation:

Crush the pills until they are powdered and pour the alcohol over them. Let this mixture stand still for 48 hours.

Way of use:

Take gauze and soak it in the resulting tincture. Then, place the coating onto the affected heel(s). Wrap it with plastic bag and put on socks. Do this before bed time because you will need to spend the night with the coating on.

The next morning you will need to wash your feet with water, dry them and then apply some oily feet cream.

Your heels and feet will be rough skin deposits-free after 10 treatments.

You can also clean your feet using brush or pumice stone, and apply cream afterwards.

This tincture can also be used for treating varicose veins.