Powerful Mix: Dandelion Drink


Dandelion leaves are rich in antioxidants, soothe inflamed processes in the body and cleanse the liver out of toxins. Also, fresh dandelion leaves can clean dangerous polyps in the colon.

Besides in salads, add dandelion in beverages as well.

This healthy drink will help to strengthen your immune system, will give you energy, will help with inflammations and will clean the toxins from your body.

Ingredients needed:

– 1 cup of dandelion leaves

– 1 banana

– ½ a cup of young spinach

– 10 strawberries

– 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

– 250 ml of water

Method of preparation:

Put all above mentioned ingredients in a blender and mix until you get homogeneous mixture.

Way of consuming:

Consume the resulting beverage right after you are done preparing it. Make no stock!