Russian Folk Recipe: Treat Hemorrhoids Within A Week


As a result of modern lifestyle, one of the most common health problems that appear is hemorrhoids.

Unhealthy diet, pregnancy, hereditary tendency, constipation and not being physically active are the main factors for hemorrhoid occurrence.  All these factors can cause increased pressure on the veins located in the rectum which leads to accumulation of blood and painful swelling.

First symptoms to indicate you have hemorrhoids are painful swelling, itching and a feeling of internal pressure, palpable nodules and subsequent bleeding.

If you have frequent problems with hemorrhoids, you need to go to the doctor. If they are at an early stage you can greatly help yourself by changing your lifestyle.

– Increased intake of fluids

In order to facilitate the stool, take more liquids, like water and natural fresh juices. Drink juice prunes is particularly effective if you are trying to facilitate the stool.

– Avoid long sitting

Sitting for a long period of time must be avoided and occasionally walking and standing up should be practiced more often.

– Diet rich in fiber

One of the main supporters for achieving good digestion process is a diet rich in fiber. Eat legumes, whole grains and dried and fresh fruits as well as vegetables and try avoiding spicy or hot food.

– Regular exercise

With regular physical activity you will be able to encourage circulation, accelerate metabolism and digestion, stimulate red function and thereby reduce possible problems with diarrhea and constipation.

There are two types of hemorrhoids – internal and external. External can easily withdraw with appropriate therapy, but internal tend to be more complicated, and also to regularly cause bleeding and pain during emptying the bowel.

In addition we will present a traditional Russian folk recipe to help you get rid of hemorrhoids.

All you need is peeled potato and freezer. Make sure the potato you will use is of good quality, you must not use rotten or one that is becoming green.

Slice a thin “stick” of the potato and place it in the freezer.

Insert the frozen potato slice (for single use) in the anus. Keep the potato piece in the anus for 30 seconds during the first 4 days. In the next 3 to 4 days, keep the potato piece for 30 more seconds.