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Mushrooms: Source Of Vitamin D, Can Fight Cancer And Thyroid Imbalances



How Mushrooms Treat Thyroid Gland Imbalance?

A significant percentage of the population suffers from hypo or hyper thyroid imbalances which badly affect their health. Our thyroid gland works to control and maintain a healthy metabolism. This is why when there are imbalances, it causes weight problems.

Another function of the thyroid is to control our body temperature and the regeneration of cells, which is important for making us look young and feel healthy.

Mushrooms are considered the best-possible foods for our thyroid gland and there are different types of them. These include enoki, shiitake, crimini, Portobello, white button and oyster. All of them contain lots of essential nutrients, with vitamin D, antioxidants and iodine being just a few to name.

Many of my clients had been relying on Thyroxin and similar medicines for keeping their thyroid imbalance under control. With mushrooms, I allowed them to leave their medicines and have their thyroid working properly.

Immunity & Mushrooms

The job of our immune system is to protect our body. But there are some conditions where it can become hyperactive and cause inflammation. This especially includes allergies. When this happens you are in a difficult situation because you need to both improve your immunity and control the inflammation.

The solution to this problem lies with mushrooms. They help by increasing the release of salivary immunoglobulin A or sIgA. This substance will help in improving our immunity without all the inflammation.

According to a research study, taking just 1 cup of cooked white button mushrooms daily for 7 days, your sIgA release can increase by 50%. The researchers also found that the secretion levels remained the same for one week after the mushrooms were stopped.

Beta-glucan and phytochemicals are other rich micronutrients found in mushrooms. These compounds help in further strengthening our immune system.

If you are suffering from some immune problem or if you are old, this should be great news for you. But it is important to know that you must take mushrooms regularly. Just one cup taken once will not do anything. So make it a part of your regular diet.

Cancers & Mushrooms

Eating mushrooms will also help us in fighting cancer. They contain special lectins that help in preventing the development and division of cancer cells. Then there are enzyme inhibitors that also protect women against breast cancer.

Mushrooms also contain high amount of selenium. It is an important trace mineral that helps in treating cancers. The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention published 7 studies that showed that high levels of selenium help in reducing the risks of bladder cancer.

Taking just 100g of raw crimini will provide you almost half of your daily requirement of selenium. Similarly cooked shiitakes offer 45% and white button offers 17% of it.

Mushrooms Contain High Amount of Vitamin D

There is more vitamin D in mushrooms than in any other plant. Why not grow your own mushroom at home. Just leave them in the sun before cooking to get even more of the vitamin. In fact, taking just 3 mushrooms gives you 100% of your daily RDA of vitamin D.



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