Natural Cleanser: This Drink Will Make Your Liver “Run As A Clock”




Liver is a vital organ in the body for nutrient storage absorbed from foods. The processed foods can cause some adverse effects on this organ.

The liver is responsible for breaking down food, storing nutrients and removing toxins and harmful substances. Liver has also a function to eliminate waste materials that are by products of metabolism. It has a protective function as it kills harmful organisms entering our body.

Impairment in liver function has deleterious effects on overall health of a human being. It is crucial in maintaining normal body functions. The liver should be healthy in order to survive any disease or trauma.

Liver can be cleaned of toxic materials. This will keep the liver healthy and functional.

The method to detoxify liver is easy. These steps are simple to follow and give you a healthy liver.

Prepare a beverage by following these simple instructions:

Required Ingredients:

– Fresh pears (250 grams)

– Ginger ( 2cm long piece)

– Water 500 ml

– Fresh cabbage 125 grams

– Lemon (1)

– Celery (25 grams)

– Mint (10 grams)

How to Prepare

– The cabbage should be chopped in small pieces and also chop the ginger, pears and celery.

– Put all these chopped pieces in a blender.

– Add 250 ml of water.

– Start the blender to shake everything together.

– Add lemon juice. Add the remaining 250 ml of water.

– Mix again in blender.

Drink it two times in a day to clean your liver of harmful organisms and lead a healthy life.



Source: naturalcuresandhomeremedies