Native American Tea Cures Cancer. Kept Secret For Over 100 years!



The story of Essiac tea which was brought to prominence by Rene Caisse (the tea’s name is her surname spelled backwards) is an intriguing one. The ingredients for this tea was obtained from  an Objibway Native American medicine man from northern Canada and was used to great effect by Rene who was a nurse who used the tea to treat patients with terminal cancer at her clinic in a little known Canadian village called Bracebridge in northern Toronto, Canada.

Rene treated the numerous cancer patients that came to her initially accepting farm produce as payment and later treating people for absolutely nothing. She made no money from the use of this herb in treating people even though she was known to have successfully treated hundreds of patients. She was constantly harassed by the Canadian Health Ministry and was even betrayed by a private corporation that had promised to make Essiac tea a legally available cancer cure.

Essiac tea as a cancer cure

In 1922 I a Canadian hospital Rene Caisse met an elderly cancer survivor. 30 years ago the woman was living in a mining camp with her husband when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and told her breasts would have to be removed. Refusing to accept her fate she met a Native American medicine man in Ojibway who instructed her on the herbs to use in curing her cancer and she was completely cured months later.

This story was of particular interest to Rene who at the time had a step father and aunt with cancer. She was interestd in the herbs and more importantly how to prepare the tea.

The elderly woman then sent the Ojibway medicine man’s herb list and preparation methods to Rene who used it in treating her aunt and stepfather of their cancer. Who were both cured, in her memoirs she wrote concerning her stepfather: “It took some time, but eventually he was cured.”


Essiac tea Ingredients

– Burdock root – 6 1/2 cups (cut)

– Sheep sorrel herb – 1 pound (powdered)

– Slippery elm bark – 1/4 pound (powdered)

– Turkish rhubarb root – 1 ounce (powdered)


The ingredients stated combine to give about 8 quarts or 2 gallons of the tea.

– By cutting each ingredient in half you will get one gallon at a time

– There are instructions which say that you should mix all the ingredients well before placing them in water

– Always store the dry herbal mix in a glass jar and in a dark dry place

– You can take out one ounce per 32 ounces of water (one quart) at a time.


– Boil the herbs hard without a lid for 10 minutes, some instructions say for 20 minutes

– Cover with a lid afterwards and steep overnight on the stove

– By the next morning, heat it up again to steaming hot (but not boiling)

– Let it settle then pour the content into a glass or ceramic containers

– Always use stainless steel or cast iron pots for your boiling

– Use glass or ceramic containers for your storing

– Make sure the container with the tea is kept in a dark cool place until your first use

– Once it has been opened, it must be refrigerated.


– The administered dosage will depend on the cancer condition

– Using as an immune system boosting tonic or for a mild ailment, 2 ounces once daily is sufficient

– You can increase the dosage to 3 times daily with up to 3 ounces each time according to the severity of the ailment, which is usually cancer

– Also the refrigerated tea can be added to hot water or warmed up before you drink it

The tea has been effective for at least 100 years and is still effective today; finally people can receive relief from cancer related ailments once and hopefully for all.






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