Drink Pineapple Water In The Morning For A Year (And These 10 Things Happen)



Pineapples are tasty everyone knows that; but have you ever wondered what benefits this juicy fruit could provide your body?

This fruit is rich in vitamin C and bromelain an enzyme which helps your body heal quickly. Pineapples have great antioxidant properties that rid your body of harmful toxins.

By adding pineapple to your water daily you would be able to tap into the astounding benefits of this fruit.

Why you should add pineapple to your water

1. It helps you combat weight gain

Your body’s metabolism is boosted by the thiamine found in pineapple. When you drink pineapple water in the morning you can be sure that your sugar and fat cravings will be subdued. The fibre in pineapple also helps to give you a ‘full feeling’ because it takes longer to digest. With this feeling you are likely to eat less thereby curtailing your weight.

2. It helps to fight inflammation

If you have arthritis or joint pains, then pineapple water in just right for you. The enzyme -bromelain found in pineapple has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce inflammations in your body and gets rid of harmful toxins that could damage your vital organs. Taking a glass of this drink a day will work wonders for your body pains and aches.

3. It helps to regulates your thyroid gland

The iodine and bromelain contained in pineapples help in combating autoimmune ailments and can soothe symptoms arising from thyroiditis.

4. It helps to flush out parasites from your liver and intestines

The bromelain in pineapples is anti-parasitic, it helps to flush out parasites in the liver and a three day pineapple fast is believed to kill tape worms. This compound will also kill parasites in the intestinal tract.

5. It helps to balance electrolytes

The potassium contained in pineapples helps to strengthen your bones and teeth as well giving you a balance in the electrolytes in your body. You will have less cramps and it can help you avoid minor aches and pains.

6. Pineapple water helps digestion

Proteins in your body are effectively digested because of the bromelain found in pineapples.

7. It helps to get rid of heavy metals and toxins

The fibre in pineapple helps with your digestion. This fruit has antioxidant properties that also help to detoxify your body. It removes harmful metals and toxins that could damage your vital organs and tissues.

8. Pineapple water can help to prevent cancer

A research published in the journal Planta Medica specified that: “This antitumoral effect [of bromelain] was superior to that of 5-FU [5-fluorouracil], whose survival index was approximately 263 %, relative to the untreated control.”

Researchers discovered that the enzyme – bromelain was more active in the treatment of cancer in animal subjects than the chemotherapy drug 5-fluorauracil.

9. It helps to strengthen your gums and also whitens your teeth

The bromelain found in pineapples has been discovered through research by Dr. Frawley to act as a natural stain remover. It is also believed that this enzyme helps to rid your teeth of plaque.

10. It helps to improve your vision

The vitamin A and beta-carotene found in pineapples are good for your eyesight. It is believed that eating pineapples daily can lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) which is the main cause of loss of vision in the elderly. This was found in a study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology.



Source: Living Traditionally