Here Is How Much Weight Should You Actually Have, According By Your Height!



Do you weigh 65 kg and measure 160cm in height? Do you think that’s healthy? You may be in for a surprise when your doctor will tell you that it is not.

This problem is not just about looks but it is a major health concern too. Fats could threaten your overall health and cause various types of blood-related problems. Check this table to find out how much you should weigh based on your height?

There are so many methods for finding the perfect body weight. The Body Mass Index is the most well known of all these methods. According to experts, this is a universal technique and not something that could apply to everyone, as different people have different body construction. As an example, some girls can have natural slim built body and others exercise and have broader shoulders.

Always keep in mind that weight and health don’t go in the same direction. Make sure to mix regular exercise with a healthy diet plan. It is possible to shed some weight through dieting, however that will also mean muscles losing mass. So this is not a healthy method for losing weight.

But this table will provide you valuable information on how much you should weigh and when you should start dieting.



Source: Healthy Foods Star