Only A Glass Of This Juice Will Help You Unclog Arteries



Are you looking for ways to unclog your arteries fast? Here is a strong drink and you need to take just 1 glass to start feeling the big difference.

Over 2,500 people are killed by cardiovascular disease. Besides, stroke or heart attack is among the top 3 diseases which result in death worldwide.

Most of us are leading unhealthy lifestyle, consuming more foods which are high in fats. All such fats along with the toxins enter our blood vessels. It is such fats which result in clogged arteries, which are further the most important reasons behind heart attacks.

The following drink is going to help in effectively cleansing your body off the fats and toxins and unclog all the fat deposits in your blood vessels.


– Fresh squeezed tomato juice – 1 cup

– Lemon juice – 1/4 cup

– Grated ginger

– Hot pepper – 1 (alternatively 1/2 tsp of pepper)

– Celery stalks – 2

Take a blender and blend all the above-mentioned ingredients. All these ingredients will give you 1 cup of this wonderful drink. Drink it 3 times every day between your meals.