How To Read UPC Bar Code To Tell If A Product Came From China, Mexico Or Any Other Country



The Universal Product Code (UPC Bar Code) is a crucial tool for you if you are a consumer of products from various countries which meet some rules and regulations for their production process. For example, China recently received condemnation for failing to meet the control standards on safety of their products. When you know where your consumed products are coming from, you will be more comfortable and satisfied when consuming them.

So how can you tell from the UPC bar code where the products are made? The answer to the question lies in the first 3 numbers.

If you notice that the first 3 numbers in the UPC bar code are 690-695, it means that the product has been made in China.

But sometimes, it’s more complicated than that to get to know the product’s origin.

For example, the UPC bar code will still show that the fruit/veggies is from China even if a Vietnamese company has first sourced it from China and then readied it for shipping to another country.

If you are not sure where your product is from, it will be required to do something extra to find out more about the product’s quality and the company that produced it.

If you are serious about ensuring a healthy diet or remove potentially hazardous food from your diet, it is important to remain informed about where the product is made.



Source: The Hearty Soul