She Rubs Toothpaste On Her Fingernails-When You See The Results, You Will Immediately Do The Same!



Nail polish has short life. It is scratched away easily and gives a bad appearance. Then there is a need to remove it and apply again. The nail polish remover consists of acetone and other chemicals that does not have a pleasant smell and can damage the delicate skin around the nail.

You will be surprised to know that toothpaste can solve your problem. It is always available at home. It is not expensive and harmful.

The steps you should follow are pretty simple:

Squeeze some toothpaste out of the tube. Put it on your nails.

Start rubbing it gently. Then take help with a toothbrush and rub your nails slowly.

The result of this method is amazing. There is a clear difference between nail polish removed with acetone and with a simple tooth paste.

You must definitely try this home remedy. It is simple and save you from skin damage and bad smell.

Source: healthtipssource