Wrinkles Removal Magic Cream With Vaseline



Over the years, wrinkles are increasingly coming to the fore, so you are always in search for an easier way to deal with it and to look younger. At all meridians and all parts of the world, many women are trying to look younger and wrinkle-free with expensive creams and preparations. But it did not work for many of them although they have spent both, money and time. Therefore, there is cheaper, easier and faster way to fight against wrinkles. Namely, that is the magic cream that you can do by yourself and what is most important it is natural, inexpensive and effective.

Take two tablespoons of medical Vaseline [prepared in the pharmacy – non petroleum, or you can use coconut oil] and melt it on water vapor; next, add olive or almond oil, a small spoon of honey and one egg yolk.
Mix it for few minutes, until the ingredients merge together and become homogeneous.
Before application of the magic cream, your skin needs to be clean, and then, carefully, with slight massage apply on the skin leave it stay for thirty minutes. After that, clean your skin from the rest of the cream with clean cotton.

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