Acupressure – 4 Point On The Body That Will Help You Slim Down The Excess Weight


Acupressure is complex ancient medical technique. For thousands of years, together with the acupuncture, it helps people to solve their health issues.

The logic of this technique is in the fact that every internal organ is directly connected with respective body points through energy channels.

Today, we will discuss the points whose stimulation will help you slim down.

If you keep to this routine, you will accelerate your metabolism and as a result you will become much more energetic during the day, and the excess fats will start to eliminate.

1. Ear


This point on the ear will enhance your metabolism, which contributes to the weight loss at all parts of your body. You need to massage it three times a day for three minutes.

After the massage you will immediately that your body is more energetic than usual. Besides, this massage removes the unpleasant symptoms of fatigue on your hands, legs, shoulders and feet.  .

2. Face


This point is located right between the nose and the upper lip. Massage it twice a day for five minutes. This massage helps the control of hunger and anxiety.

3. Arm


All meridians of your inner energy pass through this point. By stimulation on this point you will release our body of the excess heat and it will improve the work of the intestines. Massage this point for one minute, two or three times a day.

4. Leg


This point is the most famous and the most exploited in acupuncture. It is called Zu San Li.

Massage of this point helps the regulation of the problematic processes throughout the whole body. Therefore, that is why this point is called ‘the point of longevity’ and ‘the point of a hundred diseases’.

The point of longevity is located below the kneecap.

In order to find it, you should cover your knee with the palm of the same hand. The point is located between the ends of the little finger and ring finger, in the form of a small dent between the bones.
You can find in another way as well.

By everyday stimulation you can lose up to 500 grams during the day.

Massage it 9 times with clockwise direction circle movements alternately on each leg, in order to improve the metabolism and help the weight loss.

When you will press this point you should feel slight inconvenience, but that is a sign that you have effectively reached the desired effect.