A Recipe You Must Have: This Soup Is Stronger Than Antibiotics



When the cold winter months are here, you should be prepared for it. It is the right time to prepare you healthy and warm soup that gives you all the minerals, vitamins and energy required to help you through the cold days. Here is a soup recipe that’s not only easy to prepare, it’s quite healthy and effective too. It is made using cauliflower, a veggie that has been proven for its amazing health benefits.

You will need the following ingredients:

– Cauliflower head – Half (along with leaves)

– Olive oil – 50 ml

– Flour – 2 tbsp

– Parsley

– Black pepper

– Vegeta (a blend of different veggies and spices)

– Water

How to Prepare this Winter Soup Recipe?

– Take the cauliflower and clean it thoroughly including its leaves.

– Slice the cauliflower finely.

– Put the oil in a pan and heat.

– Stir and add flour, and keep stirring until there’s a fine smell (don’t allow it to burn).

– Once the flour is fried, add 200 ml water.

– Once the mixture begins boiling, add vegeta spice, cauliflower slices and its leaves.

– Allow it to boil for 7 minutes.

– Add parsley and black pepper.

Your soup will be ready. You should take it when it’s hot (it will be tastiest hot).


Source: Healthy Living Style