The Truth About Cancer And Essential Oils: What No Oncologist Will Tell You



Essential oils offer lots of benefits for your health. That’s the reason they are so popular. Many of their health benefits, especially their anti-cancer properties, have also been proven scientifically. It has been confirmed that essential oils help in inhibiting cancer development and treating cancer cells.

Because of this reason, the medicinal value of essential oils (especially anti-cancer properties) are no longer doubted or denied.

In this article you will learn how essential oils help in boosting your health.

A healthy body will have its frequency in the range 62-78 MHz. but if you have any disease, it will fall down to 58 Hz.

The tests on body frequency have also provided information about many other things. When you are optimistic, your body frequency can increase it for 10 MHz. On the other hand, if you have negative thoughts, it can be lowered by 12 MHz.

According to research, various essential oils are effective in fighting cancer. These essential oils include:

– Grapefruit

– Rose

– Lavender

– Chamomile

– Lemon

– Jasmine

– Thyme

– Ginger

– Cinnamon

– Mint

During these research studies, the antibacterial power and in-vitro toxicology of the essential oils were tested against human cancer cell lines.

Calibrated Frequency Monitor

Bruce Tainio (Department of Agriculture, Eastern Washington University) and owner of Tainio Technology designed and developed the Calibrated Frequency Monitor or CFM. It is used for calculating the frequency of essential oils. It also measures the results of the oils’ application.

The CFM is not used at many places. The Johns Hopkins University and the Essential Oils laboratory are the only two places. It is used for examining the connection between disease and frequency.

Mahmoud Suhail (Immunologist) has to say that cancer begins when there is corruption of the DNA code in the cell’s nucleus. Essential oils can prove to be helpful because they might reset the state while instructing the proper DNA code to the cell.

When it comes to looking for essential oils, you can find so many of them available on the market. Unfortunately, you cannot be sure about their quality because so many are synthetically made, and have alcohol or additives used for diluting them.

If you want to get all the health benefits offered by essential oils, look for 100 percent pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Robert O. Becker, M.D. has confirmed in his book, The Body Electric, that the human body has a specific electrical frequency. He has also said that this frequency has significant impact on our health.

Even Nikola Tesla has made mentions. He had said that eliminating some frequencies affecting the body can help in reducing the risk of diseases.

Dr. Otto Warburg was a Nobel Prize winner and 2-time Nobel Laureate. He won the award for his discovery of electrical voltage in human cells.

It is beyond doubt now that come diseases could develop because of certain frequencies. Other diseases might be avoided by other frequencies.

It is also found that substances with higher frequency can fight diseases having low frequency.

Frequency of Essential Oils

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have frequencies between 52 and 320 MHz.

You can check the frequencies of these essential oils from the following table:

– Rose – 320 MHz

– Frankincense – 147 MHz

– Lavender – 118 MHz

– Peppermint – 78 MHz

– German Chamomile – 105 MHz

– Helichrysum – 181 MHz

– Ravensara – 134 MHz

– Myrrh – 105 MHz

– Sandalwood – 96 MHz

– Juniper – 98 MHz

– Angelica – 85 MHz

One of the main characteristics of essential oils is that they contain very high amounts of various nutrients. All these properties help them in offering so many health benefits.

Fighting Breast Cancer

The following essential oils are highly effective in fighting against breast cancer cells:

– Cinnamon

– Thyme

– Jasmine

– Chamomile

Chamomile oil is capable of destroying up to 93 percent of breast cancer cells in vitro, and thyme oil can destroy up to 97 percent of MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

A study published in the Industrial Crops & Products claimed that chamomile oil has powerful antioxidant properties. The research studied 11 essential oils and Roman chamomile was found to have the most powerful antioxidant activity. The other studies antioxidants were rosemary, bitter and sweet fennel, rosemary, lavender, sage, peppermint, French tarragon, winter savory, and thyme.

Fighting Cancer with Frankincense Oil

According to Suhail, Frankincense works against cancer cells by separating the nucleus in the cancerous cells from the cell’s body. He refers to the nucleus as the ‘brain’. The cell’s body comprises of the cytoplasm. Then it shuts down the nucleus for stopping the reproduction of corrupted DNA codes.

Frankincense oil is so effective because it has monoterpenes. These compounds can fight cancerous cells during the early stages of their development. They can also fight them during the progression stages. Therefore, it is ideal to be used against cancer without concern what stage it is in.

It is believed that this oil is capable of changing the cancer treatments.

Chemo works by killing all cells – both the malignant types and the healthy cells. This weakens the patient’s immune system. But this essential oil treats the cancer while preventing the negative side effects of chemo. According to Dr. Suhail, there are 17 active agents in this essential oil.


Source: Healthy Food House