Why Should You Put Onions In Your Socks Before Going To Bed?



Most of us must have heard it at some point that the bottom of our feet is connected to our organs in one way or the other. In the Chinese medicine, it is believed that there are direct access points on our feet called ‘meridians’. They work as pathways to different organs.

There are those who don’t agree to the existence of meridians. But there are experts who understand Chinese medicine and claim that the meridian system has close correlation with our nervous system. We all know that we have a nervous system with nerves. Similarly, you must also know that we have meridians.

You will be amazed to know that there are around 7,000 meridians on the bottom of your feet where you have the nerve endings. These meridians are directly connected to the different organs. These points are usually dormant, as we wear shoes most of the time. Most of us don’t do any acupuncture for helping the nerves or meridians. But they are quite powerful electrical circuits. If you can’t get acupuncture, there is a simple way to stimulate your meridians. You can simply start walking barefoot.

Don’t just walk barefoot; you can add more to the treatment by using this method. Onions are great air purifiers. When you apply them topically on your skin, they help in killing bacteria and germs too. So you don’t have to just walk barefoot. Besides, walking barefoot will also help get the benefits of the negative ion field of the earth. Onions also have phosphoric acid, which when it enters your bloodstream, helps in purifying your blood. This is the same substance that brings tears to your eyes when an onion is cut.

Make sure that you don’t reuse onions because they can gather bacteria and germs when left as such. The following methods will help you in purifying your blood and killing bacteria and germs.

1. Take organic onions and cut them into slices (Red/white onions)

Organic onions are recommended, as they don’t have all the chemicals such as pesticides. This will ensure that these chemicals don’t enter your bloodstream through your feet. Cut flat slices out of the onion that can be easily applied on your feet’s bottom. You would want to keep your feet immersed with onion when you are asleep.

2. Insert an onion slice into a sock and sleep wearing it

When you are asleep, onion’s natural healing powers will take action through the skin. This process is known as trans-dermal application, and it helps in so many ways:

– Purification of blood

– Destruction of germs and bacteria

– Absorption of toxins

Besides, onion is also great in purifying the air.

In fact, there is an interesting story of how onions were used during the plagues in the U.K. Onions would be chopped and left in rooms for purifying the air and preventing infections and flu.

Why Add an Onion Slice in Your Sock Before Sleeping?

There are so many benefits of putting a slice of onion in your sock before sleeping:

– It helps in killing germs, bacteria and pathogens. Both onion and garlic are known for their powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

– Onion also helps in purifying the air. Bad odor is a common problem associated with your feet. The onion slice will not only help in purifying the air, it will also remove foot odor. It will also help in absorbing all the chemicals and toxins around you.

– Onion slices also help in purifying your blood. The phosphoric acid present in onion gets absorbed by your skin. It will enter your bloodstream and help with blood purification.



Source: Your Healthy Page