Chinese Restaurants Found Lacing Their Food With Morphine To Get Customers Addicted



The restaurants in China have broken all records of unethical practices. Recently, almost three dozen restaurants in the country have been caught and charged with lacing their foods with opiates like codeine and morphine. The authorities are carrying out an investigation to learn more about how these restaurants carried out these acts.

So if you are going to China, you should look out for some of the foods. The local news reports that lobsters, hotpot and noodles are the most likely foods to be laced with these opiates.

Currently 5 of these establishments are being investigated for prosecution.

Wei Tao is one of the leading Chinese specialists on the subject. He is the Deputy Chief at Guizhou Provincial Centre’s Food Institute for Disease Control. He warned that taking these foods like hotpots and soup, laced with poppies for a long period of time can leave you addicted. He also warns that this can result in drug abuse where the cases are serious.

This is not the first time the Chinese restaurants have done anything like this.

An owner of a restaurant in China was earlier sentenced to 1.5 years in jail. The food in his restaurant was lace with poppy powder. These restaurants mix these opiates with Chinese salt or chili oil to make it extremely hard to detect them. It can be even more difficult to detect when they are used in very small quantities.

But in the long term, these low amounts can accumulate in body system and cause serious damage to it.

Although China may not have the best food standards and strictest regulations, this news from the country is nothing less than crazy!


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