Infuse Your Honey With Ginger In 20 Minutes For A Quick Immune System Boost



It’s the winters and everyone is going to spend most of their time indoors. Whether it’s the kids or the office-going folks, everyone stays in their schools, workplace or homes. People spend minimum time outdoors in chilling winters. All this means that you will be spending most of your time in poorly ventilated areas. Such an environment is going to cause sickness.

Keeping this concerning point in mind, I am sharing my favorite sickness remedy that can be used to boost your immunity through the winters. This recipe is Ginger infused honey.

This remedy is not just helpful in treating colds and flu, it also gives you a soothing feeling for your throat. It has a wonderful taste and also gives amazing leftovers (will tell you more about it later).

This remedy can also serve in almost all East Asian-based recipes where a kind of sweetness is involved.

Honey has antibacterial properties and offers comforting benefits for itchy, scratchy and sore throats. It can help in alleviating symptoms of mild allergy and help develop tolerance towards pollen.

This is because honey itself has very tiny amount of pollen. This triggers your body in producing antibodies for pollen. This causes reduction in the amount of histamine produced by your body. This further helps in reducing allergies.

Honey also contains lots of antioxidants that help in fighting both Alzheimer’s disease and aging. If you take honey half an hour before going to bed, it will help in reducing coughing during night time. It also helps in the stimulation of serotonin, which is converted into melatonin by your body. Melatonin is helpful with sleep.

Ginger is considered as a highly strong antioxidant. It can solve a wide range of problems, including arthritis. In fact, it is considered a wonder medicine for different types of motion sicknesses, including those of sea, air and land. It can help give you relief from nausea during pregnancy. It can also provide protection from colorectal cancer.

Ginger Infused Honey for Winters

You will need the following ingredients:

– Honey – 2 cups

– Fresh ginger root – 1-1/2 inch (else you may use 2 tbsp of dried ginger)

The other things required are a candy thermometer, containers with lids (they must be sterilized and can include mason jars or salad dressing containers or anything else), and a double boiler (or a pot or heat safe bowl).

How to Prepare Ginger Infused Honey?

– Peel the ginger and slick it thinly (it could be shredded or sliced into thin slices).

– Take the double boiler and pour water in bottom chamber and place honey on top.

– Add the sliced ginger into the honey and allow the water to boil.

– Use the candy thermometer for monitoring the honey.

– Once the honey reaches 185 degrees, maintain that temperature for 10 minutes.

– Then remove it from heat and leave for 10 minutes.

– Strain the ginger and remove it into the sterilized containers.

– If the ginger has been sliced very thinly, you may keep it. This will give you honey-glazed ginger, which is wonderful for upset stomach.


If you want to slice the ginger, you could leave some honey on the ginger root. This will help in preserving the ginger and will increase the ginger’s infusion, thus tasting even better.

The shredded ginger could be preserved and used in various recipes (stir fry, quick breads or other stuffs).



Source: Super Tasty Recipes