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Time For Natural Health Care

Here Is How To Recognize Which Meat Is Carcinogenic



After the World Health Organization has reported that these foods can cause cancer, anxiety has increase among many people.

Selecting ingredients requires great caution, which is why we present you a brief guide on how to avoid the dangers that hide in your favorite foods.

These are cases when you should not add bacon, sausages, hot dogs and meat spreads in your shopping cart.

First of all, get a magnifying glass in order to be able to read about what you are buying. Not always, but usually the declarations are written in tiny letters, so even if you do not have vision problems – it will be difficult to read this declaration.

After that, you need to remember these useful advices:

It is mandatory to read the declaration

– If there is a mark “MSM” it means the meat is mechanically separated, ground together with the bones, in which antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals and other toxins that have been in the animal have been deposited.

– The same applies when you find on the declaration emulgator nitrites, which are labeled as E249, E250, E251 and E252.

These emulgators together with the amino acids from meat produce carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds.

– The emulgators Е451, Е252 and Е453 are genotoxic or rather “plastic” and damage the genes.

– You should be extremely careful for the product you purchase not to contain E407, carrageenan mark. This substance sticks to the walls of the intestine, and create wounds which later can turn into colon cancer.

– If the product contains a flavor enhancer, glutamate, it may mean that it has no meat in the product at all.

All the above mentioned information applies to durable and semi-durable meat products.

When it comes to meat, for example, if you are buying pork cutlets, pay attention whether the meat is interspersed with fatty veins. This is proof that the animal has not been fed as bad.

If there is not even one gram of white fat and water is dripping from it, it is proof that besides food the pig received growth hormones and antibiotics.