How To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps For Better Sleep and Mental Clarity



Many people use the Himalayan rock salt in their kitchen. You must also have seen it. It has been proven to be beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. However, there are many other types of salts which are not edible but still offer many health benefits – even better than the normal edible salt.

There is no doubt how adversely our wireless technologies are affecting our health. All types of wireless systems that we are using today are releasing ions into the environment. This leads to the creation of electronic smog that is continuously harming our body.

It has also been related to certain cancers in studies. These positive ions cause a wide range of other health problems like mental issues, insomnia, and allergies to name a few. All these health hazards appear because this electronic smog is more than 20 times higher than what our brain is capable of withstanding. It is critical that we start neutralizing these harmful ions.

These are positive ions. So you must create negative ions to neutralize them!

Himalayan salts are full of such negative ions. These ions when released, will get attached to the harmful positive ions in the electronic smog, dust, allergens, irritants and mould and will neutralize them.

This will render our environment to be safe and pure. This will help create freshness and a positive feeling. In fact, this can also make you feel as if you are close to a waterfall.

But how can you get the negative ions out of the Himalayan salts?

The solution lies in using a Himalayan salt lamp. It comes fitted with everything you will need. It has a bulb and salt, and the bulb will heat the salt and release the negative ions.

When there is high humidity,  the salt can turn humid. But the heat from the bulb can evaporate the moisture. It will neutralize and remove all the positive ions from your environment.


Health Benefits

The health benefits of this Himalayan salt lamp are immeasurable. It helps in getting relief from:

– Headache & migraine

– Blood pressure

– Respiratory illness

– Arthritis

– Stress and related issues

You will feel rejuvenated as if you had just been to a beautiful natural retreat.

It will also make you feel relaxed and soothing. It will help eliminate anxiety and make you feel happier and safe. Such salts have been sourced from ancient oceans and they are ideal for improving our overall health.

Make sure to use these Himalayan salt lamps for fighting off the negative effects of mobile technology and lead a healthier lifestyle!


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