Eliminate All Poisons In The Organism In 48 Hours – A Weekend Detoxification Plan



You have been feeling fatigued and out of energy for some time now! Your skin looks and feels dry and those under eye circles can’t be gotten rid of! If all this defines you well, it means that your body has high levels of toxins.

You better get rid of them before they get rid of you!

In this condition, your body is the perfect harbor for flu and viruses. You are in immediate and desperate need of detoxification.

You could cleanse your body any time, build your inner strength and get back your lost energy. This special, natural menu will cleanse your body of all the toxic compounds that have accumulated in your body. And the weekend could be the best time to use it!

The purification process will cover your 5 vital organs: your liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and the lymph.

This detoxification method comes with its preconditions. Make sure to stick to them:

– Switch to low-fat diet

– Avoid potatoes, sweets & meat

– Drink maximum possible fluids

It is recommended to follow this detox method at least two times a year for 10 days. But if you are the busy kind, a weekend detox may be all that is required twice a year.

The ingredients for this detox program are dandelion, birch tea, and nettles. You will also be engaging in regular physical activities every day. This will include workouts, swimming and walking.

The following is your weekend detox program:


Drink 1 cup of warm water in the morning.


Breakfast – Drink 1 cup plain water and green tea, and take 1 cup oat flakes plus 1 spoon linseed. Drink 200 ml diet yogurt or almond milk along with half cup fresh fruits (grained fruits like blueberry).

Lunch – Drink 1 cup plain water, 2 cups salad (tomato, arugula & green), 250 grams of grilled hake (prepared in olive oil/lemon juice), Swiss chard plus potatoes (olive oil), a small banana and a melon slice.

Snack – Take 1 apple, 3/4 cup ordinary yogurt, 1 cup water, and quarter cup pumpkin seeds in snacks.

Dinner – Take a piece of 150-gram tuna grilled in foil/barbecue. Take 2 cups of salad with lemon juice and olive oil, half cup vegetable boiled on steam (spinach/broccoli), some integral pastry, anise tea and 1 cup plain water.


Breakfast – Take 1 cup of oak flakes in breakfast along with 1 spoon linseed. Also take 200 ml of diet yogurt or almond milk with pear and green tea.

Snack – Take some grapefruit for snacks.

Lunch – Take 200 grams of chicken breasts prepared on barbecue plus veg soup (beans, carrot, celery, pepper, onions, potato), 1 cup plain water, and 150 gram pickle.

Dinner – Take beet and carrot salad plus lemon juice, nettle tea, and some integral pastry.


Source: homehealthyrecipes