In Azerbaijan There Is Spa Center With Oil Bath For Good Health (Video)



In Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, a health center is offering bathing in oil therapy. Quite solid spa therapy, says Australian Seb who tried this treatment. “Bathing in oil is at the same temperature as in normal bathing and the texture of oil is similar to the liquid chocolate. This bath is warm and painless and does not smell bad, “he said.

Doctor Hashim Hashimov said that this treatment can cure more than 70 different diseases.

“Oil kills everything, viruses, bacteria, fungi, you name it. Its density is unique and does not contain any dirt, “said Hashimov who adds that oil baths are not changed for each user.

“Usually we lose some of the material of each customer, but we simply refill the bath. It is impossible to throw away a full bath of oil. This material is very expensive, “he said.

The opponents of this oil therapy say oil is carcinogen and such treatments are dangerous.

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