Natural Remedy For Better Hearing



Honey and cinnamon

To improve hearing take a mixture made of equal parts honey and cinnamon every morning and before bedtime.

Red wine and green tea

This combination is good for the heart, mood, immunity, and recent research shows that red wine can prevent loss of hearing. Antioxidants from red wine protect the hairs in the inner ear whose function is to protect from external influences.

Green tea has the same properties as well.

Garlic drops

Garlic is considered as a cure for many diseases on Sicily. People there use the following recipe to improve the hearing:

Cook a few cloves of garlic in olive oil shortly. Press each clove nicely so you can drain as much juice as possible. Then strain the mixture through thick gauze.

Apply 3-4 drops of oil in the ear on a daily basis and then close it with a piece of cotton.

Red onion and garlic juice

It is thought that this powerful mixture restores hearing. The beverage is consisted of 30 ml of garlic juice and 30 ml of red onion juice. Drink the resulting mixture once a day.


Source: homehealthyrecipes