Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Homemade Remedy For Lowering High Body Temperature – It Acts Immediately



Fever itself is not usually dangerous, but it should also not be neglected. It is a normal reaction of the organism due to bacterial or viral infections. It is known that if body temperature reaches over 37 degrees Celsius it is considered as fever in adults. It is measured by a mercury thermometer placed under the armpit.

In today’s article we will present efficient way for lowering high body temperature.


Ingredients needed:

– Apple cider vinegar

– Honey

Method of preparation:

Take a 250 gram glass and fill half of it with natural apple cider vinegar and fill the other half with honey. Stir the ingredients well and the remedy is prepared.

Way of consuming:

Drink half of the resulting mixture at once, and take one sip of the other half on every 5 minutes. You will notice the positive effects right away.

The temperature drops suddenly and the organism starts recovering. This is due to the apple cider vinegar’s ability to kills viruses in the body.

This is a very powerful remedy, which you are allowed to use 2 more times throughout the same day.