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Time For Natural Health Care

Simple Method To Detect Cancer, Which Only Includes Yogurt And Urine Test



Existing methods for detecting cancer include input of molecules by injection, but the new method is totally different and simpler.

A simple method for detection of cancer has been found, thanks to scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This method includes only yogurt and urine test.

Professor Sangeeta Bhatia managed to develop molecules that act as biomarkers in the detection of colorectal cancer cells. If these molecules are drunk with yoghurt, they found path time to cancer cells, where enzymes dissolve in fine particles and are discharged from the body through the urine. Then you need to take a small piece of paper and collect those particles.

The tests were conducted on laboratory mice, while in clinical trials in patients this method would prove to be very simple and inexpensive.

According to the American Association for the fight against cancer, because of the low level of testing, 40% of people with colorectal cancer have early diagnosis of the disease.


Source: goodmorningcenter