New Study Shows Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (And Only Kills Cancer Cells)



Ginger is a magical spice that has the potential to cure hundreds of diseases. Among all these health benefits, it has been found to be the best potential cure of cancer.

Turmeric is another natural cure for cancer. Research has already shown its potential benefits. Ginger also has same potential and has been found to be thousands of times more effective in curing cancer compared to medicines.

Researchers have been stunned after years of studies that have shown that many cancer medications are ineffective and rather work to speed the fatality rate in cancer patients. Ginger, on the other hand, has been proven to target and destroy cancer cells. It leaves the healthy cells intact.

Anti-Cancer Potential of Ginger

According to a recent study on mice, performed at the Georgia State University, it was found that extract from ginger was highly effective in showing progress with prostate cancer. The tumor’s size was reduced by more than 56%. Besides, other effects noticed included reduction in inflammation and increase in antioxidants in the mice.

Another study, which has been published by PLoS, further provided proof for the anticancer benefits of ginger. According to this study, the root has an ingredient called ‘(6)-shogaol’. It is thousands of times more effective compared to chemotherapy. It targeted the stem cells in breast cancer, which is the root or origin of the cancer.

These root cells (stem cells) are also termed ‘mother cells’ in the medical field, and they can form various types of cancers. It is these stem cells that further form the ‘daughter cells’ that attack our body. What makes cancer stem cells so hazardous is that they are considered to be virtually immortal. A tumor will not have more than 1% of stem cells in it. The rest are daughter cancer cells.

These stem cells are capable of re-generating and flourishing in an endless cycle. Besides, chemotherapy also cannot target them. They can regenerate and form new tumor colonies even when the tumors have been cured. If you are suffering from cancer, you are not fully treated until the last cancer stem cell has been destroyed.

The latest study has shown that (6)-shogaol is highly effective in targeting the cancer stem cells. It is generated when you dry/cook the ginger roots and its applications have almost no limits. The anti-cancer benefits of ginger are unique and far better than that of chemotherapy.

According to researchers, this special compound in ginger targets cancer cells, but it does not have any impact on non-cancer, healthy cells.  This is however, not the case with conventional cancer treatments. Chemotherapy and other treatments don’t have this unique type of targeted cytotoxicity and they usually cause harm to the healthy cells.

Researchers found that (6)-shogaol has an impact on cell turnover, which further increases death of cancerous cells. It induces a process known as autophagy and programs these cells to die. It was also found that the compound inhibited the generation of breast cancer spheroids.

When researchers studied taxol, the cancer medication, they found that it was nowhere near the effectiveness of (6)-shogaol destroying cancer stem cells. (6)-shogaol was 10K times more effective in destroying cancer stem cells compared to taxol.

The overall findings indicated that (6)-shogaol is unmatchable in terms of its effectiveness in inhibiting tumors from forming while keeping the non-cancerous cells unaffected. Scientists believe that additional series of studies are required to further demonstrate that conventional cancer treatments are nowhere near this natural remedy. It is in fact the wrong way that cancer is being treated currently, and it is leaving the patient’s body in a devastated form.

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