Ginger Tea: Cleanses Liver, Dissolves Kidney Stone And Obliterates Cancer Cells



This is the right time for everyone to start with the tea that will help in boosting your immune system.

Ginger is considered as a superfood for a good number of reasons. It has great powers in improving our immunity, reducing inflammation, and boosting digestion.

There are many essential oils in ginger which is the reason behind its unique flavor and aroma:

– Shogaols

– Zingerone

– Gingerols

All these oils have potent antifungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antiviral properties. The ginger root helps in:

– Promoting healthier digestion

– Treating asthma

– Boosting immunity

– Aiding with cardiovascular health

– Relieving pain

– And much more.

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

– Ginger is a highly effective remedy for flu, headaches, sore muscles and common cold. The special nutrients in ginger help in naturally alleviating pain (it prevents prostaglandins from starting inflammatory response within our body).

– A single cup of ginger tea daily will help in reducing the risk of stroke. This is because ginger promotes breaking down of fat deposits that could block our arteries.

– When regularly consumed, ginger tea can boost our immune system. It has lots of antioxidants which help in strengthening our immunity and fighting infections.

– Ginger tea is beneficial in destroying the viruses behind influenza, cold sores and common colds.

– Ginger has great warming benefits. Due to these properties, it helps in improving our blood circulation. Better blood flow helps in improving transport of oxygen, vitamins and minerals to our cells, boosting our overall health.

– Ginger helps in destroying 76 percent of lung cancer cells (in Vivo). Scientists have found for the first time that ginger extract is highly toxic for lung cancer cells. They have also discovered that the metabolites in it have even higher level of toxicity against lung cancer cells.

The scientists found that a significant anti-cancer chemical in ginger (6-Gingerol) metabolized to become 6-gingerdiol within cancer cells. The metabolite then destroyed around 76 percent of all the lung cancer cells.

Ginger extracts have earlier been found in lab research to show strong action against various cancers including:

– Prostate cancer

– Colon cancer

– Pancreatic cancer

– Leukemia

– Breast cancer

The current study has provided insights into the process how ginger actually destroys cancer cells.

Ginger is a superherb and its health benefits are much more than curing cancer. Another clinical study has shown that it can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin levels in adults suffering from diabetes.

According to another study (involving middle-age females), it was found that ginger helped with major improvement in cognitive performance and memory.

Preparing Your Ginger Tea

Get the following ingredients:

– Water – 1 cup

– Ground turmeric – 1/4 tsp

– Ground ginger – 1/4 tsp

– Honey (raw and organic and to taste)

– Coconut milk (to taste)

Prepare the tea and stir in the milk. Strain it, add organic honey and enjoy!



Source: Viral Alternative News,  livingtraditionally