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How To Lose Weight In Your Face With These 6 Proven Ways



Looks are not just about our body. They are more than that. Your face is equally important, but most of the time people focus solely on your body. One way to look good with your facial appearance is to use makeup.

But if you have a chubby face, no amount of makeup can help!

Have you ever thought of losing weight from your face?

You could lose up to a pound of weight from your face – something you must have never thought of!

The following exercises will help you slim and tone down your chubby face.

1. Chin Lift


Many people have double chins. This facial workout will help you get rid of your double chin, giving you a firmer and skinnier face.

Chin lift workout will focus on your neck, jaw and throat muscles. This exercise should involve only lip movement.

Tilt your head in a way that you are facing the ceiling. Keep the eyes focused on the ceiling. Try kissing the ceiling with lips. Keep your lips in the tight position for 10 seconds and repeat any number of times.

2. X & O Exercise


The X & O exercise is among the easiest of facial workouts to lose weight. It is a simple exercise where you just have to speak out the 2 letters one after another.

It will cause contraction in your mouth and cheeks, causing muscular movement.

3. Release Jaw


This facial exercise will help you develop a sexy and appealing jaw and cheekbones.

It can be done sitting or standing, as long as you have a straight posture.

Follow the chewing movement in your mouth while keeping your lips closed. Now take deep breath and hum, and then breathe out. When opening mouth, the tongue should be pressed against the bottom teeth. Stop for 5 seconds and then repeat.

4. Fish Face


You may already be using the fish face for selfies. This is also a good workout for weight loss in the face.

You could do this facial exercise at any time – even when watching TV or listening to songs.

How to make a fish face? Suck in your lips and cheeks, and hold it for 5 seconds before trying to smile. Repeat it any number of times.

5. Blow Air

This exercise can be done even when you are doing something else. It is also the best because it will work all your neck and facial muscles.

Sit straight so that your spine is also straight. Tilt your head back to the limit where you still feel comfortable.

It will be best if you can face the ceiling. Now pull the lips in and blow out the air and repeat any number of times.

6. Lips Pull

The last one in the list is the traditional lip-pulling exercise. This is an amazing yoga workout. It can not only tone your facial muscles, it also relaxes them.

It can also be done sitting or standing.

Push your lower jaw out and lift your lower lips to a level you don’t feel any pain. This will cause stretching and straining in your jaw line and the muscles of the in-chin.

Hold the same position for around 10 seconds.

Additional Tips

If you follow these 6 facial exercises regularly, they are going to help you lose your facial weight.

Just like normal exercise, facial workouts are also 50% of the job.

You should also chew gum occasionally. As already indicated in one of the exercises, it is a good way to move all your muscles in the face. But use only sugar- free chewing gums.

You can also use facial massage for losing weight from your face. It will help boost your facial blood circulation and it can be done any time.

You should also be careful with the way your hairstyle affects your facial looks. Shorter hair can give your face a slimmer look while long hair can add more size to your cheeks.



Source: Healthy Homestead