Homemade Magic Hair Growth Oil – Healthy, Thick And Long Hair



If you want to have long, healthy and elegant hair, it is not a difficult thing to have them. There is no need to use a horde of salon-based products, lots of costly vitamins, or make any sacrifices in what you eat and do. You could get the same results offered by such products but in an entirely natural way.

You will get info about a greatly effective hair oil in this guide. It will help everyone including:

– Those having thick hair

– Those who are suffering from baldness and hair loss

– Those who desire to grow longer hair

This hair oil contains 5 ingredients and it will help in keeping your hair strong and healthy while promoting its growth in a natural way.

When used regularly, this magical oil is going to promote hair growth and you will have long hair in a relatively shorter time. Besides, it will also maintain your hair’s elegance when it is growing.

How to Prepare this Magical Hair Growth Oil?


– Coconut oil – 100 ml

– Olive oil – 100 ml

– Sesame oil – 100 ml

– Mustard oil – 100 ml

– Almond oil – 100 ml

– Castor oil – 100 ml

– Dry Gooseberry (Amla) – 2 handfuls

– Curry leaves – 2 handfuls

– Small onions


– Mix all the oils and put on low heat.

– Add the curry leaves and dry gooseberry into the heating oil (heat until the leaves turn dark).

– Cut the onions small pieces and add to the oil (heat until they turn brown).

Your homemade hair growth oil is ready. Strain the oil and keep it in a bottle. It can be used for 1-2 months.

Apply the oil on your hair and scalp twice a week to boost your hair growth, conditioning and protection.

Benefits of the Ingredients

– Coconut oil – It will not only soften your hair, it will also condition the scalp.

– Olive oil – It boosts your hair’s elasticity, thus reducing hair breakage. It will also nourish and condition your hair.

– Sesame oil – It will nourish your hair and works as a great treatment for dry scalp. It helps reduce flakiness, which will help minimize hair loss.

– Mustard oil – It promotes health, natural and strong hair. It also conditions your hair while also promoting growth.

– Almond oil – It will nourish and smoothen your hair cuticles, making your hair thick.

– Castor oil – It has antibacterial and fungicidal properties that help in protecting your scalp against infections, thus preventing hair loss.


Source: Healthy Food House

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