4 Easy Ways to Naturally Unclog Your Lymph Glands to Reduce Bloating Quickly



Our body has a lymphatic system that most of us don’t know much about. It comprises of a network of its own set of valves, nodes, and vessels, which go under our skin. The systems job is the transportation of lymph. So what is lymph?

Lymph is a clear fluid that has both white blood cells (WBC) and waste products. It works as a system for body detoxification.

It is quite complex a system. But for simplification you can look at the lymphatic system to be just like a garbage truck. Its job is to pull away all the junk from our organs and from between the cell spaces. It takes all this junk to the lymphatic channels (just like highways). All this ensures that our cells don’t get targeted by waste.

Our blood system has a pump – our heart. But the lymphatic system is like a lone-wolf system. It doesn’t have any organ to pump the fluid. So the lymphatic fluid moves automatically because of the smooth movement of the muscle. For example, in our digestive tract, lymph will become slow and backs up. Whenever this takes place, lymph is unable to get rid of the toxic load in our digestive system. This can also affect our digestion because our body decreasingly loses its ability to eliminate waste from the GI tract.

When lymph becomes sluggish, it can also cause the buildup of fluid in different parts of the body. This can cause you to look chubby and puffy, which may seem due to fat but it’s not. This condition is also called as lymphatic backup Fake Fat.

One of the main concerns for this system is that lymph requires help in moving upwards. It has to move up against gravity and there is no specialized internal system to push it up. Lymph has to move to the lymph nodes where it gets filtered for toxins by the immune cells. But it is only movement that moves lymph up. This is why it is easy for lymph to become stuck and pool in your lower body parts.

This is the reason people can sometimes develop swollen ankles and feet, more so when they lead a sedentary lifestyle. Another problem can be that certain people have lesser number of lymph nodes from birth. They can have even more issues with regard to accumulation of lymph and water when their body becomes inflamed.

So, how to unclog your lymph glands to prevent and reduce bloating? These natural methods can help in unclogging your lymph glands:


1. Increase your Movement

As already mentioned, physical body movement is the only way to move lymph. So you will have to move this system manually. So you can exercise or move more vigorously. When there is muscle action, it will peripherally put pressure on the vessels in the system’s network. The best exercises are:

– Jumping rope

– Simply jumping on ground

– Jumping on trampoline

2. Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is a great way to move lymph. You can do it yourself or get professional help. If you are having Fake Fat and lymphatic backup, you should be doing lymphatic massage everyday by yourself.

It will help in removing dead skin layers, thus helping removal of toxic material with more efficiency. Keep in mind that it involves unclogging, but layers of dead skin cells can cause clogging and reduce the effectiveness of our sweat glands. Besides, dead skin cells are also body waste material. When they are moved, it also helps in removing this waste material.

Manual massage should be done in the direction of the lymph nodes and the heart. This will help in moving the lymph with much more vigor. This will also help in increasing the detoxification rate of your body.

When you do this, it helps in directing your biochemical sewage into the channels and lymph nodes. From the nodes, they are easily eliminated.

Many people have inflammatory joint problems, such as arthritis, caused by accumulation of lymph. In fact, the problem of cellulite accumulation in your body also gets worse due to backed-up lymphatics.

3. Detox Tea – with manjistha powder

If you are having lymphatic backup, prepare your own detox tea by adding half teaspoon of manjistha powder to it. The powder can be added to the steeped and stained tea later on. It is in powder form and there is no need for straining it.

4. Adding guggul in your diet

Guggul is among the most potent detoxifiers out there and it is nothing less than a secret weapon for mobilizing your lymphatic system. It can offer many other amazing benefits if your body is ready for it. It helps in improving the expression of liver enzymes which help with detoxification.

Guggul helps in enhancing efficiency of liver detox pathways. In fact, it can also be helpful with fat burning. It breaks down fat and causes release of fat-soluble toxins.

When you improve the functioning and efficiency of the lymphatic system, it will change how your body naturally tends to swell and bloat. All these methods involving exercises, lymphatic massage, and plant-based products like guggul and manjistha help in help I improving your lymphatics.

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