Grow Back Your Receding Gums In No Time With The Help Of These Natural Remedies



If the border of your gum tissue surrounding your teeth is lodged back or worn out then you are more than likely to suffer from receding gums.

Bacteria find a suitable breeding ground in the gaps in your teeth as a result of it being more exposed than usual. This can lead to tooth loss if the bacteria activity is not put in check as your supporting tissue and bone structure can be impaired.

It may surprise you to know that receding gums is a very common problem, but most individuals are not aware until they start to feel pain or discomfort. Receding gums don’t occur overnight but it happens gradually over time.

If you have sensitive teeth and you are not a sweet tooth, then you should carefully observe your gums as that could be an early warning signal.

You can also watch out for these symptoms as well;

– Larger than before teeth

– Sensitive teeth

– Aches, pains and tingly teeth

What is responsible for receding gums?

Basically gum disease is the primary cause of receding gums, however there are other causes and these include the following;

1. Poor oral hygiene – Plaque is a major problem when you don’t observe good oral hygiene as it can lead to the formation of a hard cyst on your teeth known as calculus which can lead promote receding gums.

2. Rough and aggressive brushing– Brushing your teeth in a rough and aggressive manner will damage your teeth enamel and greatly increase your risk of developing receding gums.

3. Genes – It could be hereditary.

4. Tongue and lip piercing – Is also strangely enough, known to cause receding gums.

5. Imbalance of hormone – Particularly in women this can be a major cause of receding gums.

6. Smoking habit – If in this day and age with all the health problems associated with this filthy habit, if you still smoke then you will develop plaque quickly and subsequently receding gums.

7. Frequent grinding and clenching of your teeth – You need to stop this habit as it can cause receding gums.

8. Periodontal diseases – This is a bacterial infection that damages the supporting bones of your teeth and cause receding gums.

Treatment of receding gums

Treatment of receding gums is two-fold, one at the early stage and two at a later stage. If you notice your receding gum early enough your local dentist can help resolve the problem with a technique known as tooth scaling or root panning.

If you are late in its discovery then surgery is advised. This surgery will help repair the damages teeth bone and tissue.

Now if you are scared of surgery and your receding gum problem is not at a critical stage you can try a natural homemade remedy that will help revert this problem.

You will however need to see your dentist to know if surgery if not inevitable.

Can gums grow back?

There are homemade recipes that will help regenerate your receding and damaged gums; however you are advised to always observe good oral hygiene by regularly brushing your teeth at least twice daily to help prevent the problem in the first instance.

Grow back your receding gums with these homemade recipes

Green tea

This tea is rich in antioxidants such as catechins that help combat free radicals which are responsible for periodontal disease. The catechins will also reinforce the link between the gum and teeth.

Instruction on how to use green tea:

– Just drink at least a cup of green tea in the morning preferably before breakfast.

Aloe Vera

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera will help ease swelling and also combt the recession of your gums.

Instruction on how to use aloe vera:

– Use aloe vera gel to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with it.

– You can first floss, then brush your teeth, after which you can add the aloe vera gel then you brush once more for at least 3 minutes and rinse your mouth thoroughly when you are done.

– You can also use the aloe vera gel as a mouth wash, just mix some gel with water and gargle every morning after you have brushed your teeth.

Oil pulling

Use sesame oil to get rid of plaque build-up and the formation of calculus.


– Heat the sesame oil; make sure you don’t boil it.

– Once you have brushed your teeth you can rinse your mouth with the sesame oil.

– Just try gargling for about 3 minutes until you get comfortable doing it.

– Once you are used to gargling the oil try doing so for about 15 minutes.

Using coconut oil pulling

Coconut oil will prevent tooth decay by healing your tooth cavities and it will help fight oral infection that can lead to receding gums.


– Use coconut oil as a mouth wash once you are through brushing.

– Just like sesame oil you can gargle for about 3 minutes then increase your gargle time to 15-20 minutes eventually.

– You will give your mouth protection from infection and also combat receding gum with regular use.

Eucalyptus essential oil

This essential oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will fight oral infection and reduce the swelling of your gums. Make sure that you dilute it with water as it is quite strong.


– Dilute 1 or 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in 1 or 2 tablespoons of clean water.

– Soak your finger or tooth brush in the mixture.

– Gently massage your gums with the oil.

Myrrh tree resin

Myrrh tree resin is very effective in repairing the damage cause by infection and it will grow back your receded gums.


– Crush the myrrh resins into fine powder.

– Get a paste by adding clean water to the powdered myrrh resin.

– Apply this paste to your gums with your fingers or with a tooth brush and gently massage.

 Clove oil

Clove oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It will help kill the bacteria that cause periodontal disease and it will ease swollen gums. You can also improve your breath with clove oil.


– Just gently massage your gums with about 1 to 2 drops of clove oil.

– Do this once or thrice daily.

A note of caution however, if you are on blood clotting prescription please sees your doctor before using clove oil.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil should not be used daily because of its acidity as it can damage your teeth enamel. This oil has great antibacterial properties that will help fight oral infection and improve your breath as well.

DIY homemade lemon oil:


– Olive oil – ¼ to ½ cup

– Lemon juice (freshly squeezed from organic lemon) – ½ to 1 lemon


– Place the olive oil in a glass jar.

– You then add you lemon juice.

– Seal the jar and shake very well.

– You will shake this jar very well daily for about three to four weeks.

– After this time your lemon oil will be ready for use.


– Put some of the lemon oil on your fingers and gently massage your gums with it for a few minutes.

– You can try this treatment twice a week.

Vital information on how to prevent receding gums

Prevention they say is better than cure. Below are some tips on how you can prevent receding gums and improve your general oral health.

Good oral hygiene

Observe good oral hygiene and watch as your gums and teeth will be strong and healthy.

Observe the following;

– Do not brush your gums, but just along the gum line is ideal.

– Preferably use a brush with soft bristles and a small head.

– Brush in circular motions or with gentle strokes.

– Brushing after each meal is ideal but where this cannot be done use a mouth wash or brush before you go to bed at night.

– Avoid aggressive brushing.

– Try dental flossing.

DIY homemade mouthwash

– Use essential oils such as peppermint, sage, clove or tea tree oil.

– Use one or two drops of the highlighted essential oil.

– Mix the essential oil with about ¼ to ½ cups of water.

– Gargle and rinse your mouth with this mouth wash at least twice daily.

Drink lots of water

Water is very important for your oral health and fighting receding gums in the following ways;

– Water is a great detoxifier. Harmful toxins will be removed from your body and mouth when you drink lots of clean water.

– You can also use water to rinse your mouth after a meal if brushing is not possible, just rinse and gargle you mouth with clean water then spit out or swallow.

A healthy diet

Eating a balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins will boost your immune response to infection.

– Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, vitamin C are especially helpful as it combats inflammation of your gums. Try eating fruits like oranges, strawberries and pineapples which are rich in vitamin C.

– Avoid fizzy and carbonated drinks and reduce your sugar consumption as sugar aids the growth of bacteria.

– Stay off junk food, caffeinated drinks and alcohol for as much as possible.

– If you are not getting enough minerals and vitamins from eating then you can try food supplements, only make sure you consult your doctor on which supplement is right for you.

Some supplements that are good for your oral health include;

– Zinc: This mineral will combat infection that cause oral disease and your immune system will also be boosted.

– Vitamin C: Your immune system will be boosted when you have a good supply of vitamin C; your swollen gums will also be reduced because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

– Ginkgo biloba: This herb will promote good blood circulation and this will boost the health of your gums.

– Coenzume Q10: It repairs damaged cells and you will regenerate your receding gums.

– Calcium: This helps with giving you strong bones and teeth.


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