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Do You Know There Are 27 Teaspoons Of Sugar In One Bag Of Chips?


Due to fast and modern lifestyle, we always buy food that will allow us what is necessary for the functioning of the body, but sometimes it results in unwanted consequences.

Majority of products have a declaration on which you can find the composition and value of the product expressed in calories.

An adult male needs around 2500 calories and women 2000. However, if there is a physical activity included, you will need to increase these calories to an average of 350 to 600.

But despite the value of the product being expressed in calories, you should also take a look at how much sugar contains that same product.

In addition we will show you how many tablespoons of sugar contain certain snacks, according to their caloric value.

One tablespoon of sugar contains 20 calories.

– 100 grams of chips – 475 calories, 23,74 tablespoons of sugar

– 100 grams of peanut flavored cheerios – 548 calories, 26,4 tablespoons of sugar

– 100 grams of pretzels– 430 calories, 21,5 tablespoons of sugar

– 100 grams of snack straws – 407 calories, 20,35 tablespoons of sugar