Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Body Parts You Should Not Touch With Bare Hands


Hands are one of the commonest bacteria transmitters. Even if we regularly wash our hand, we constantly are touching everything thus exposing ourselves to risk of different kinds of diseases.

If you wear accessories or have long nails you are at greater risk because nails and accessories are known to be great collectors of dirt and bacteria.

– Mouth

One third of all diseases are transmitted through the mouth. One of the newest research showed that people who put their finger in the mouth due to boredom are getting sick more often than those who do not practice this habit.

– Face

Touching your face with your fingers should be minimized to morning washing, applying face creams and doing makeup. When you touch your face right after you have touched dirty surface, you are exposing yourself to skin infection and the unpleasant and painful acne.

– Eyes

Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes. Touching the eyes is allowed only if you are putting or taking out contact lenses or when you are removing something that got in your eye.

– Nose

People who pick their nose have 51% more chances of getting the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. So, if you have this highly unpleasant habit, make sure to quit it ASAP.

– Ear cavity

Putting your fingers or any other items in the ears endangers the health of the ear canal. This is due to the thin skin which is prone to inflammations and infections.

– Rectum

The rectum area has bacteria that can be potentially harmful to your entire health.

Besides wiping, after emptying the bowel paper and washing this part of the body there should be no more contact between your hands and the rectal area.