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She Weighed 152 Kilos, And Now She Weights Only 32: See For Yourselves How This Woman Looks Today!


Claire Huxtable (44) used to weight 152 kilos. She wanted to lose weight for her upcoming annual vacation. She started with special diet regime, but soon she became so obsessed that now she weights only 32 kilos!
Her body weight dropped to 32 kilos within 24 months, wherein she was diagnosed with anorexia.

Claire, mother of two, decided to tell her story and her exact diet regime.

When she began to lose weight, her closest family and friends were telling her that she looks really fantastic and it was a challenge for her to continue to do so.

– After the long”relationship” with junk food, chocolates and chips, I started with a diet regime. I started entering more and, at one point, only fruits and vegetables, but it got out of control. Now just I want to warn others to be careful with diets. I just wanted to be slim, but now I am dangerous nurtured. I used to be full of confidence and I was very happy, and now I am really unhappy, say Claire.

She says that no matter how much weight she lost, when she looked in the mirror she saw only an obese woman.

She thought that anorexia will not happen to her because she considered it was a disease from which suffered only teenagers.

During her annual vacation at sea, she fainted several times. When she returned home she finally ended in hospital.

This 44 year-old mother’s story may sound incredible, but it should be a warning that we should always do things carefully and moderately.