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Time For Natural Health Care

Make Your Own John’s Wort Oil – Remedy For Many Diseases


John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) a multiannual herb, which can reach a height up to one meter. This herb is decorated by intensive large yellow flowers that grow on branched, dense and sturdy stems.

Meadows and pastures are places where St. John’s wort usually grows, but it can also be found in forests in grass areas along roads.

Thanks to positive and effective properties of St. John’s wort, this herb is used worldwide for nurturing and treatment.

St. John’s wort oil has an extremely strong and effective antibacterial, anti viral and antifungal properties. It is effective in the fight against all types of bacteria, viruses and fungi that may be present and attack our body.

Besides that, john’s wort oil possesses anti-inflammatory effects, and is effective for eliminating the presence of various inflammatory processes.

How is John’s wort oil used for hair care?

John’s wort oil acts on the hair in a way that it slows, reduces and prevent oily hair. It also nourishes and cherishes its roots and thus promotes hair growth. Also, after prolonged use of this oil, hair becomes strong and resistant. Visibly improves its gloss and it becomes shiny and healthy.

It also eliminates dandruff. It is recommended to apply this oil on the hair 15 minutes before washing it. Practice this twice a week.

How is John’s wort oil used for face and skin care?

Facial skin is often problematic and different forms of aesthetic problems and irregularities such as acne, blackheads and different kinds of reds occur onto it. John’s wort oil is extremely useful for the treatment of skin problems. With regular use the skin will quickly become healthy and clean, without traces of irregularities.

Besides blackheads and acne, this oil has great effects on scars on the face. It can also eliminate the presence of various forms of eczema, the presence of herpes, as well as traces of scratches and similar damage.

St. John’s wort oil has great effects on other parts of the body too.

This oil is used 1 to 3 times a day by applying thin layer of the required place. Once you have applied this oil be careful and do not expose yourself on direct sunlight for a few hours in order to avoid the appearance of skin blemishes.

What else can be used John’s wort oil for?

Besides treatment and care of hair and skin, this oil can be used to treat various forms of vaginal infections, acceleration and treatment of symptoms of varicose veins, hemorrhoids and muscle pain and inflammation.

If you need to use this oil for vaginal infections, you can do so by applying St John’s wort oil on a tampon, and then use. Change the tampon after 2 hours.

For other diseases it is necessary to apply the oil on the affected areas or use coatings with the oil.

Recipe for preparation of St John’s wort oil

Ingredients needed:

– 100 grams of St. John’s wort flowers

– 1 liter of olive oil

Method of preparation:

Let the flowers stand still overnight and then follow this procedure:

1. Put the flowers in see-through glass bottle and pour the olive oil over them.

2. Close the bottle opening with gauze and fix the gauze with a rubber band.

3. Let the bottle stand still in the sun for 40 days.Do not forget to occasionally check if all the flowers are completely soaked in the oil.

4. After 40 days, strain the oil through the gauze and squeeze the oil out of the flowers.

5. Collect the resulting oil in dark glass bottles and close them tightly.

6. Do not store the oil in refrigerator.

St. John’s wort oil of good quality has dark red color, sometimes with purple shades.