Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Which Are The Unhealthiest Products You Should Throw Away From Your Refrigerator?


1. Processed meat

Hot dog, meat spread, sausage and sausages are made from meat with the lowest quality and filled with additives, fats and preservatives. In addition, many contain large amounts of salt which increases the risk of kidney damage and high blood pressure.

Such meat products are is not recommended to eat more than once a week and in minimal quantities.

Numerous studies have shown that such processes meat contributes to colon cancer occurrence.

2. Frozen fries

This version of fries is especially favored by the youngest and people (especially restaurants) often buy these fries because it facilitates the work in the kitchen.

Frozen potato is not at all good for the health. It contains huge amounts of salt and preservatives.

Small serving of 85 grams of potato contains around 11 grams of fat, around 3 grams of saturated fatty acids, 390 to 540 milligrams of sodium and around 190 calories.

Nutritionists recommend eating baked potatoes.

3. Full fat dairy products

Sour cream and butter belong in the category of full fat dairy products. Though, they have very good ingredients such as vitamin B, protein and calcium, but they contain a lot of fat, so if eaten daily there is a risk of having high cholesterol level.

It is always better to choose dairy products that contain healthy ingredients and less fat.

4. Mayonnaise

If you eat it often, then it is clear why fats are deposited on your blood vessels and your body weight increases. Instead of mayonnaise, it is better to choose less fatty dips and spreads like mustard, horseradish or prayer cheese.

5. Margarine and its derivates

Margarine forms as emulsion of vegetable oil and water, so it contains a large amount of fatty acids.

Its regular use in the diet increases the risk of heart diseases. It also increases the level of cholesterol and affects the immunity negatively.