Two Daily Teaspoons of This Natural Ingredient Will Save Your Teeth!



Are you concerned about your deploring oral health? There is a single ingredient that can be enough to not only boost your oral health, it can also help in whitening your teeth. All you need is to use 2 teaspoons daily.

What makes this remedy more interesting is that this ingredient is most likely already known to you and is available in your home.

It is Oil Pulling!

So now you would have already guessed what that ingredient is. Its oil!

So what kind of oil it is? Its unrefined cooking oil like coconut oil. In fact, you can use any unrefined cooking oil, even if it doesn’t have a great taste. This is because you will not be consuming it.

You will be using just 2 teaspoons of the oil and putting the oil in your mouth. Then swish it in your mouth, just like you do using water after you have brushed your teeth. Then spit it out and it’s done.

You are most likely to find it a little gross initially, but you’ll get used to it.

The history of ‘oil pulling’ goes back to hundreds of years ago in Ayurvedic medicine. It is not just another so called “ancient remedy”, it is highly effective.

In fact, its popularity has increased significantly and everyone including vloggers, health bloggers, and even grandmas are recommending it.

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

It’s just oil. So how does it work? Before you learn how it works, it will be best to know that it offers even other health benefits such as fighting:

– Eczema

– Halitosis

– Acne

– Gingivitis

When you swish oil, it helps in drawing out the bacteria from within the pores in the gums. Then when you spit the oil out, the bacteria are removed from your mouth and body.

Interestingly, this theory is something that’s not yet received scientific backing. Many believe that because of no scientific evidence, this entire concept of ‘drawing’ bacteria out from your skin is just an idea. But honey, oils and various remedies have been known to help in doing nothing more than softening your skin for removing splinters.

If you also start thinking as such, stop right there! Science, in fact, does actually claim that oil pulling can help in removing bacteria from mouth.

There is a study that showed that the use of oil pulling plays a big role in removing bacteria, especially plaque and strep mucus. The details of this study can be found here.

This means that oil pulling can provide the above-mentioned benefits of removing bacteria from your mouth. But how it works around the pores, the related concept, is not considered accurate.

It is well known that flossing is helpful in reducing cancer rates through the reduction of bacteria, which affect your immune system. Thus, oil pulling can also be seen to be doing the same.

So, should you be doing oil pulling?

You will be amazed to know how many people are doing oil pulling and claim to have improved teeth and better breath due to it. But repeating it daily may seem to be something too much because it is recommended to swill for 20 minutes. So what you can do is to floss fully and then brush on regular basis, and then do oil pulling every now and then for getting rid of the bacteria.



Source: Healthy Food House