2-Ingredient Mixture to EFFECTIVELY Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections



You must be very meticulous about your daily hygiene. Yet you must be overlooking this one aspect of your hygiene. Can you imagine what it is? Its ear cleanliness!

It is mostly overlooked because earwax buildup is something that goes unnoticed until it has crossed a limit. Q-tips have been exposed as no longer to be used as ear cleaners. So you should consider some other method for cleaning out wax from your ear drums.

Check with the pharmacies and you can come across so many over the counter solutions for cleaning your ears. How about using a homemade remedy that’s effective and gives even better results?

This is an entirely natural safe remedy that’s made up of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

Studies have already proven that rubbing alcohol helps in eradicating almost 85 percent of aerobic bacterial contamination. This means it is a superior cleaner and disinfectant.

White vinegar is a very strong antimicrobial and antibiotic that can fight infection strongly.

When rubbing alcohol and white vinegar are combined together, they help in providing the following benefits:

– Fighting infections

– Drying your ear

– Breaking down earwax

They can do all this without causing any discomfort or pain when pour into your ear.

You should use it when you have mild or moderate buildup of wax or ear infections. But you are experiencing serious levels of problems, you should consult a doctor.

Prepare This Home Remedy Recipe

So follow these steps to prepare your home remedy for earwax and infections:

– Take white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in 1 part each and mix them

– Tilt your head to one side and pour 1 tsp (5 ml) of this mixture into one ear

– Keep that position for 60 seconds

– Return to normal position and sit upright and allow the mixture to move out of your ear

– Repeat for the other ear

This process must be repeated twice daily for clearing the earwax and water trapped in your ear. It will also help in treating ear infection.

Note: – If you don’t see any improvements after 3 days of using this treatment, visit your doctor. If the eardrum has become perforated, you must use pain relief.

There are so many people who have used this amazing home remedy and enjoyed its benefits. You should also try it for getting relief from earache and ear infection.



Source: Family Life Goals