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Time For Natural Health Care

They Have Been Eating Organic Food For Two Weeks, And Here Are The Results (Video)


We hardly ever check the food we are about to eat if it is treated with chemicals. People who pay attention to what they are about to eat are very rare. These people are careful when it comes to picking their food because they do not want to eat it if treated with chemicals.

A Swedish family that used to buy inorganic ingredients because they were cheaper got their urine tested as a part of an experiment.

The level of chemicals, found in their urine, was extremely high. After two weeks of consuming organic food, their urine has been tested again. The chemical level was drastically dropped.

The tests were conducted by the Swedish Institute for Environmental Research.

It is questionable whether the pesticides found in urine are harmful or not. However, the silent treatment nurtured by the public when it comes to inorganic food is certainly not healthy.

This is why a Swedish chain for organic food commerce wants to start discussions about pesticides and combinations of different chemicals that vegetables and fruits are treated with. This subject concerns everyone because one way or the other, these foods will end up in our bodies.

In addition, we suggest watching the video.