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Food Manufacturers Will Never Tell You These Facts For Their Products!


Do you really know what includes the food you eat?

This article may surprise you if you do not have a habit of paying attention to the ingredient label of your favorite foods.

Sugar is hidden under different names, the cheese is not a cheese and olive oil is not extra virgin as you thought it was.

1. The cheese that is not a cheese


Most of us love cheese, which gives a better taste to almost all food. Unfortunately, many “cheese based products”, do not contain cheese.

In order for the manufacturers to earn money while simplify the process of production, they replace a part of the milk with a substitute, which is concentrated milk protein or whey protein.

These products do not fall into the category of cheese products, in accordance with the guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration.

2. Sugar often hides under different names

The words "too much sugar" written in sugar grains. Overhead vi

Whether the product has more or less amount of sugar, manufacturers tend to use different names for sugar.

Names, such as crystals from sugar cane, high-fructose corn syrup, sugarcane sugar, dextrose, concentrated fruit juice and juice from agave are very often used to “hide” sugar from the product’s label.

Also, there is a trick used by the companies, which is “intentional use of two or more kinds of sugar so it does not appear first on the list of ingredients.”

3. Olive oil use may not be the best quality


Olive oil is often less quality than what is inferred from the label. 70% of oil which can be found in the supermarket does not meet the criteria for being “extra virgin” showed results of a study at the University of California.

You can recognize quality oil by the tin packaging or dark glass packaging that protects it from light, and by the date of harvesting, which is usually printed on the packaging of olive oil that comes from quality manufacturer.

4. Salmon from fish farms for breeding salmon better than wild salmon


According to some researches, salmon, purchased from fisheries for salmon breeding, contains more omega 3 fatty acids, as opposed to wild salmon.

5. White flour pasta is better for diabetics than integrated


Diabetics and people with high blood sugar must pay attention to declarations before purchasing anything.

Lately, we hear integral flour is healthy and the white one is unhealthy. But sometimes, whole wheat pasta has more starch than the standard one. It all depends on the way of production.

In order to always be sure, chose pasta with a lower glycemic index. Some producers put that information on the declaration.

6. More types of cereals and whole grains


Grains are known to be very healthy ingredient, but customers are advised to be very careful, because their beneficial effect varies from product to product. If you are looking for products with high fiber content keep in mind that the ones labeled with “more kinds of cereals” contain less fiber than you might hope, unlike products from whole grains.


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