Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Walking Barefoot For Several Minutes A Day In The Best And Most Powerful Acupuncture And Massage For The Whole Body!


Summer gives association of walking barefoot on sand or grass. But our feet are not really used to that. Instead of quitting after the first step, this summer try to endure and walk for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Energy that sustains the health of the organism circulates through our body. Chinese call this energy “chi”. This energy flows through the meridians system similar to our bloodstream. When energy passes through the meridians, organs receive all the energy for optimal performance.

On the contrary of this, if a meridian is blocked, the organ connected to it is weakening and there is a risk of getting a serious disease over time.

These meridians end at our feet. So, when you walk barefoot you actually stimulate very important points, and actually massage all organs of the body. This way you are practicing the most powerful acupuncture and massage.

Also, if you walk barefoot for a few minutes a day, you can get rid of the problems with cardiovascular health, stress, infections, problems with digestion, lack of energy and siusitis.

After reading this you probably want to start walking barefoot even today. If so, do it! All you need is to walk barefoot. Initially, limit the time of 5 minutes, and make progress as the days go by.