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Trick: Get Rid Of The Annoying Itching Sensation Caused By Mosquito Bite Within A Minute


We all know how annoying and irritating itching caused by mosquito bite can be. Only one incest bite can destroy your dream during summer, and on top of that you are struggling with unpleasant itching in the following few days.

Only female mosquitoes bite people because they feed on blood. Unlike them, male mosquitoes usually feed on plant juices. Previous studies suggest that mosquitoes are attracted more to men than women, as well we pregnant women, people with blood group 0, individuals with high cholesterol levels and overweight people, people who consume beer and people who wear dark clothes.

Fortunately there is an efficient remedy, or more correctly trick, which you can use to get rid of the annoying itching caused by mosquito bite within a minute.

All you need to do is warm a tablespoon under jet of hot water. Keep the tablespoon under the hot water for half a minute and then press it directly onto the bite. Keep the hot tablespoon onto the affected area for one minute.

Once you remove the tablespoon the itching and tingling sensation will be gone.

How is it possible?

When mosquito bites you, while he sucks the blood, he injects certain proteins under the skin, which purpose is to thicken the blood. These proteins are the ones that cause itching and they can not survive in hot environment, which will be created after you apply the tablespoon.

The swelling caused by the bite will stay for a few more days but the itching will stop.

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