Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Say Good-Bye To Headache: Unusual Yet Effective Remedy Against Headache For Which You Have Probably Never Heard About!


Headache is a common problem that occasionally affects almost everyone. It can be very annoying and persistent and it can cause problems with daily activities.

Dull headache is the worst form of headache. But fortunately folk medicine offers drugs for almost all illnesses. Among those there is also this unusual remedy.

Dull headache is often the result of irregular stool, anemia, stress, anger, and even diseases of the genital organs.

As part of this, we present a different remedy which probably you have never heard of. Read below.

Wash your body with water and homemade wine or malic acid daily. You should first wash you back with this cold bath and gradually pour the mixture over you in duration of eight seconds. Repeat the process after 1 ½ minute.

Together with this you need to apply another procedure: Two to three times a week to do a bath for the feet, and you need to wash your knees as well. Put oat in hot water and give your legs a good wash using the resulting mixture. Then, after a minute transfer your legs in cold water. By applying this method, the headache will disappear.