Bacteria From Stuffed Animals Can Cause Poisoning




The latest research shows that one in four toys contain traces of feces. Experts warn that 80% of bacteria on stuffed animals can cause poisoning.

A research has been done on the company Dettol. Parents do not wash three out of four stuffed animals after their child has been sick. Also, one in five stuffed animals has never been washed, since they have been bought.

After analyzing a swab from a variety of stuffed toys, microbiologists found staphylococcus bacteria which caused the poisoning. Also, a quarter of them contain coliform bacteria, which indicates the possibility of the presence of harmful organisms.

Experts advise that toys should be regularly washed in the washing machine.

As part of the campaign “Care For Your Bear”, which aims to raise awareness of the presence of microorganisms in various toys, which are a potential hazard to children, Dettol prepared a guide to reduce the risk of disease in the child:

Wash the teddy bear on a low-temperature in the washing machine.

Avoid washing the toys together with other clothes because it can cause the spread of bacteria.

The stuffed animal should dry naturally.

Source: cuisineandhealth