5 Carcinogenic Things You Probably Did Not Know!

Perhaps you have never thought that these foods and ingredients can be cancerous, but some researches indicate so.

1. Instant coffee


The rapid preparation of coffee contains many acrylamide, which includes foods rich in carbohydrates, prepared at a very high temperature, such as potato chips.

How to avoid it?

Use dark roasted coffee with the least acrylamide. However when it comes to your precious carbohydrates, do not fry potato chips in deep fat fryers. The potatoes should be dipped in water 2 hours before frying in order to remove all the bad ingredients.

2. Fish oil


A recent study found that high intake of omega 3 fatty acids can cause prostate cancer.

How to avoid it?

Stick towards the recommended dose. You should limit yourself to two oily fish meals a week.

3. E-cigarettes


In the cigarette replacement there is the carcinogenic compound called nitrosamine and is located in the tobacco, only in electronic cigarettes it comes in much larger quantities.

How to avoid it?

Surveys have showed that 20 minutes of meditation reduces the need for smoking by even 60% within two weeks, without any sense that you are disposing anything from your life.

4. Formaldehyde in new shirts



Formaldehyde makes the shirts look “fresh”, but it can cause cancer of the airways.

How to avoid it?

You need to wash the shirt you have just bought before you wear it. This will reduce the level of formaldehyde by 60%.

5. Brown rice


Brown rice contains more arsenic, unlike white rice.

How to avoid it?

Always wash it well before you cook it. While boiling, the ratio of water to rice should be 6:1, for example in 300 ml of water you should cook only 50 grams of rice. It is not recommended to eat it more than twice a week.